Blog Post

300 – 600 words

Links to vendors

35 images (max)

SEO tagging

Call to Action

$75 per post

Monthly Option (4 total): $275

Yearly Option (48 total): $3,000


Blogging + Social Media

Blog Post


-        Upload a max of 50 images into an album with vendors and venue tagged, link to blog

-       Post with blog link and vendors tagged, hashtags


–      Select 5 photos for you to post with captions, vendor tags, hashtags


-       Pin directly from the blog post onto your boards


Compose a blog link tweet for you to post


Why 300-600 words?

Google regards blogs with less than 300 words as “thin content” and ranks them lower. Over 300 and up to 600 is a standard blog that falls within the SEO needs, receives decent shares on social media, and encourages comments.

Over 1,000 words is proven to get more shares, but less comments; while over 2,000 words is believed to be the sweet spot for the best SEO. However, anything over that 600-word range requires a great deal more research and time. Past 600 words, the cost is $0.20/word.


Why 35 images? Can you do more?

Of course I can do more! I start at less because of the time it takes to cull through your images, download them, rename them, upload them, etc. I also encourage less. WeddingWire reports {} (and personal bride experience says) that couples plan 50% of their weddings on their phones. If a bride is pulling up your blog on her phone, more than 35 images will become overwhelming and will drain her battery as your page loads. But even if I am discouraging against it, I will post as many photos as you want!

Past 35 photos, the cost is $0.50/image for one blog.

If you choose a monthly option with 4 blogs, that will give you a total of 140 photos. If one blog only needs 10 photos, another can use up to 55 photos.


What if I have less than 35 images?

The price remains the same. We can work together to make sure that your text hits that 600-word count. If you have less than 10 photos to use per blog, contact me and we can chat about balancing the scales.


Can you customize a package to fit my needs?

Yes! My packages are based on basic SEO guidelines, but your style of blogging may call for no written text or more text and less images. Let’s chat about how we can stick to your brand and meet your needs.